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Shasta Clayworks--Community Pottery Space

612 South Mt Shasta Blvd., Mount Shasta, Calif.
(530) 925-3792 * OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and by arrangement.

Located in the Heart Of Mount Shasta, the high-fire community pottery space
offers Studio Memberships!   Classes!   Gifts and Clay Playdates...
Free workshop demo every Sunday. Things to do include "~ Friday Happy Hour Class ~"
and "Sunday Afternoon Tea & Clay" -- Great for visitors OR residents.
Schedule a private Clay Playdate, same low price, $42 per person. Discounts for 3 or more people.

Most Friday Evenings, 5:30 to 7:30PM -- CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!
COST: $42 per person, $42 includes EVERYTHING!
Similar to the handbuilding class (below), but more frolicksome and with snacks!
A great 'night out' for a couple, friends group, birthday party, or treat
for out-of-town guests and relatives. Typical students make two items!
THIS CLASS can be booked any evening on any day, as a 2-hour Clay Playdate!

HANDBUILDING CLASS: Tea & Clay Class -- Saturday 11AM, Sunday 2PM.
2 HOUR CLASS COST: $42 per person, $42 includes EVERYTHING!
Handbuilding is a quick-start for making great pottery. Each class focus
is a new topic, Make a simple or fancy press-plate (think snacks, soap dish, ring holder)
or adorable mushroom sculptures for the kitchen. Create cups and mugs, a planter,
tooth brush holder, or kitchen utensil jar when you learn to make a cylinder.
Hollow forms such as rattles and pumpkins and floats for your LILY POND...
Bowls from coil and bowls from slabs... glass and plaster molds...
Your imagination will take hold and create never-before wonders!
THIS CLASS can be booked any time, any day, as a 2-hour Clay Playdate!

WHEEL CLASS: BEGINNER - Renee Wendy or Amanda Slade
Sundays 11AM to 2PM (Two hours instruction, one hour practice).
COST: Each class $42 plus clay $1 per pound, discounts for multiple classes.
Skillful instruction of the basics: centering, drop a hole, spread floor, pull walls, trim hip.
Also, trimming leather-hard pieces made in a previous class. Beginners--please sign up
for 3 to 6 classes, and get access to OPEN STUDIO time!
Learning to wheel-throw is a commitment, and needs practice.
This class will prepare you to become an independent creator in Open Studio.
THIS CLASS can be booked any time, any day, as a 2-hour Clay Playdate!

Sundays 11AM to 2PM (Two hours instruction, one hour practice).
COST: $42 per person, plus clay $1 per pound.
Q&A, throwing theme-of-the-day, such as a hollow form (sensational flask
or teapot!) or getting thin on the neck of bottles and vases. Plates,
off-the-hump, sodium silicate crackle surface, marbled clays -- your ideas welcome!

We also offer a three-week STUDIO-SKILLS class, a six-week WHEEL-CLASS,
and (for members) INTRO TO STUDIO MANAGEMENT with glaze-making, understanding
cone packs, and logistical concerns in loading a kiln.

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